Development of organic farming as a prospective way to environmental security of the Bulgarian village

Maria Georgieva,

Ph.D (History), Associate Professor,

Institute of Historical Studies

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

ORCID: 0000-0002-0567-1589




Abstract. The importance of agriculture for the Bulgarian economy is reflected in historical and economic scientific research in the field of agrarian history, economics and law, influencing the growing interest of the scientific community in agrarian problems, including agrarian-ecological ones. In the conditions of the tense European agricultural market, despite numerous agreements, the state support of the Bulgarian agricultural producer in most developed countries is steadily increasing. Bulgaria, whose economy is organically and inextricably linked with agriculture, also found itself in the conditions of an urgent need to review, reassess the system of state support for ecological agriculture, in-depth analysis of the legal basis of its functioning, establishing ways of improvement and further development of ecologically oriented agricultural production.

The problem of implementing ecological aspects of agricultural production in Bulgaria in the context of European integration is highlighted. The Bulgarian model of sustainable agricultural nature management is considered, and the main environmental problems that prevented its implementation are described. Attention is focused on the main aspects of state policy regarding the support of ecological agricultural production. Agricultural production, as one of the most common types of human activity, had a harmful effect on the surrounding natural environment, since industry and transport were considered the main violators of the natural balance at one time. Currently, agriculture is in the first place in terms of environmental pollution. The condition of the agricultural lands in Bulgaria is unsatisfactory.

However, it was determined that serious problems for the environment arose due to the irregular use of mineral fertilizers and agrochemicals in agricultural production, which, together with rainwater and underground water, enter rivers and lakes, causing significant damage to large river basins, fish stocks and vegetation.

As a result of the scientific research, it was established that the problem of forming the concept of biological agricultural production in Bulgaria has not been solved. The model of environmentally-oriented agricultural production required organizational and economic support for the management of sustainable agricultural nature management.

Key words: agrarian sector of the economy, agricultural production, Bulgaria, European Union, environmental problems, state policy, agrarian legislation.


Submitted 05.01.2023



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