“European Europe” by Charles de Gaulle (based on phonograms of official statements)

Bogdana Sypko

Ph. D. (History), Associate Professor of Department of Modern History of foreign countries historical faculty Lviv National Ivan Franko University

UDС [94(44)-051Ш.де Голль:327(4)]“1958/1968”(093.2)

DOI http://doi.org/10.17721/2524-048X.2015.02.103-117

On the basis of phonograms of Charles de Gaulle’s official speeches the author researched the views of this military and political leader into the integration processes in Western Europe. “European Europe” was considerate in four main perspectives: national issues, economy, security and defense system and the principle of leadership in this association. To trace the efficacy of de Gaulle’s 117 concept, ways and implementation mechanisms of his program in 1958-1968 have been analyzed.


Charles de Gaulle, France, the Fifth Republic, European integration, phonograms.

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