The particularities of foreign policy’s implementation and EU leading states positions’ coordination

Oksana Mitrofanova

PhD (Political science), Senior Researcher, State Institution “Institute of World History”

UDС 327(44+430)



The article touches upon to investigation of the particularities of foreign policy’s implementation and the EU leading states positions’ coordination. The position of leading states politicians towards strengthening of EU security and defense sphere cooperation has been studied. The factor of Permanent structure cooperation (PESCO) creation and the rationale for its expediency has been underlined. The article deals with migration crisis in the EU, the reaction of the European politicians to this issue and the consequences that manifested in the elections to the Italian parliament. The reforms having support of the leaders of France, Germany and Italy have been analyzed.

It is concluded that the leading EU member states such as France, Germany and Italy have to coordinate their policies for the successful functioning of the EU. These states are the most important economic powers of the European Union, and the economic success of the entire structure depends on the stability of their economies. However, other countries have their own specific views and, sometimes, are not ready to compromise.

It is likely that actually the French ideas of creation of European securtity and defense autonomy might spring to life, taking into account the strengthening cooperation of France with Germany and Italy in this sphere. The leading partners of France are ready for serious partnership between their military-industrial enterprpises.


Defense, EU, Germany, Italy, migration, parliamentary elections, France.

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