Olha Buturlimova. British Labour Party in the 1920s: the electoral competition

Olha Buturlimova

Postgraduate student, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

UDС 94: 329 (410) Лейб

DOI: http://doi.org/10.17721/2524-048X.2018.11.113-128


The article examines the processes of growth of the British Labour Party in the early XXth century. The reasons of Labour Party’s success on parliamentary and municipal elections in the 1920s have been analyzed. The main attention is paid to the party’s activities in constituencies and analysis of Labour Party General Election Manifestos, General Elections Results and other statistic data.

The relations between the Labour Party and churches in Great Britain have also been investigated. The support of the Anglican Church and denominations in Great Britain gave the Labour Party some votes but they lost some votes of believers in the next election in 1924 because of Labour government’s failure to acknowledge Bolshevik persecution of the Christians in the USSR. The Labour attempts to win the countryside were also not so fruitful.

It is emphasized that 1918 was the turning point in the formation of the Labour Party as mass, widely represented and influential parliamentary party.

The reorganization of the Labour party in 1918, Representation of the People Act (1918), adoption of the “Labour and the New Social Order” party constitution have proved to be favorable for its further evolution. But some difficulties such as conflicts between left and right views in the party, absence of convincing majority, black mass-media technologies from political opponents and problems in economics of the country, seriously influenced on its abilities to win success in 1920-s.

Key words

Labour Party, Great Britain, Anglican Church, General Elections Results, countryside constituencies.

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