The soviet period in history of ukrainian greekcatholic church in national and foreign historography. Review: Taras Pshenechnyi. Ukrainian Greco-catholic church (1939 – 1991): historography. Monograph. Kyiv: FOP Blohin O.A., 2017. 428 p.

Petro Opanashchuk

PhD, Associate professor Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University

UDС 930.24:271.4](477) «1939/1991»



The book analyzes scientific papers, available nowadays, that deals with the history of the UGCC. The author indicates the situation of lack of detailed and analytical researches in the historiographical complex of the problem, which is informationally limited and includes many composite works that do not meet the requirements of modern scientific researches. Main attention in the monograph is focused on the historiographical heritage formed by researchers in emigration. The author notes that the patriotic concept of studying the history of Ukraine in general and the history of the Ukrainian church in particular was formed exactly among emigrants. The historiographical analysis is based on special methods of historical and historiographical studies.

The result of the research contributes to an objective coverage of the issue of historiography of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the period of 1939-1991. The monography is complete and independent research. The monography can be usefull for ukrainian scientists, represents of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and all interested in studying the history of Ukrainian church. The monography can be used for further researches in history of religious movements and organizations in Ukraine

Key words

Ukrainian Greco-catholic church, historiography, USSR, terror, repressions.

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