The European Military and Security Policy Transformation Within the Framework of the “Ukraine Crisis” of 2014

Galyna Mingazutdinova

PhD (history), historian of the Research Department (history department) of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

UDС 355.45 (9): 327:94 (477) «2014»



The article touches upon the impact of the Russian aggression in Crimea and in Donbas region in 2014 on the European countries’, as well as the EU and NATO’s revision of their respective military and security policy. The role of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in strengthening the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s contemporary position in Europe has been unfolded. The divergence of the foreign and security policy intercourse of the European states caused by geography, history and military factors has been analyzed. Thus, the article reveals the Central and East Europe’s rising focus on the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the impact thereof on shaping the subregional security policy. On the other hand, the states of West Europe pay way less attention to considering the conflict as an element of their security strategy. However, a series of divergences does exist within the East and Central European political elite when it comes to determination of their respective countries’ situation in the contemporary security map of the continent within the framework of the so-called “Ukraine crisis”. For instance, one can distinguish Bulgaria and Czech Republic as black sheep of the post-socialistic Europe when it comes to the general security and political course of the East and Center when it comes to the Ukrainian issue. The article as well shapes the background and the essence of Germany’s leading role in the common foreign and security policy of the EU. It is concluded that NATO should concentrate on its traditional military activity aspect and thoughtfully cooperate with the EU to succeed in resolving issues of the European collective security.


Crimea, Donbas region, Europe, security, NATO, the EU, defense.

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