The evolution of romanian communism: from Stalin`s totalitarianism to Nicolae`s Ceausescu national-communism

Serhiy Luchkanyn

Sc. D. (Philology), Professor of Department of general linguistics and classic philology Institute of Philology, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

UDС 94:[29:35](477+498)”1944/1989″


In the article that is based only on Romanian references and historiography, had been analyzed stages of development, deployment, ideological evolution of Romanian Communistic Party: being (staying) on the periphery of Romanian`s political life in interwar Romania; coming into power in 1944-1947 with the help of the Soviet army; violent dictatorship of Stalinist model the late 1940s the early 1940s, it marked at the same time with internal party struggle, that finished with victory and establishment of solo dictatorship Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (1945- 1965), who didn`t accept Khrushchev`s De-Stalinization; socialism “with a human face” (1962-1974) late Gheorghiu-Dej`s and early Nicolae`s Ceaușescu; Nicolae`s Ceaușescu “communistic monarchy” like gradual stagnation of Romanian communism with “national tendency” (1974-1989), which finished by rejection of Soviet perestroika, the Romanian Revolution in December 1989 by murder of Ceaușescu and his wife.


Romania, communistic system, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, Nicolae Ceaușescu, The Romanian Revolution in December 1989.

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