Oleh Kupchyk,

Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor,

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine


Abstract. The events of the Italian studies seminar organized by the Department of New and Modern History of Foreign Countries are highlighted. It is indicated that the seminar on the topic «Eastern Europe in the politics of Italy: the Ukrainian aspect» was held on September 22, 2023 within the framework of the development of the educational program «American and European Studies».In his introductory speech to the seminar, moderator Oleg Kupсhyk noted the importance of Italy as a leading country in southern Europe, the European Union and NATO, with a large Ukrainian diaspora. At the same time, he noted the significant Russian influence and presence in Italy, which seeks to influence the «Ukrainian policy» of the Italian government.In the first part of the seminar – reports, the listeners listened to a report by Vira Savaryn (postgraduate student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) on the topic «How has the role of Ukraine in Italian foreign policy changed in the governments of M. Draghi and J. Meloney». In it, Ms. Vira traced Italy’s policy toward Ukraine from the start of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, to the present day. Here she singled out two periods in this policy, in particular the periods of the government of M. Draghi and the government of J. Maloney.Next, the participants of the seminar listened to the report of Mykhailo Samofatov (a lecturer of the I. I. Mechnikov National University of Odesa) on the topic «Six-legged dog: projects of the ENI company in the USSR (1959–1991)». In it, Mr. Mykhailo covered trade relations between Italy and the USSR in the second half of the 20th century in the field of energy resources. Here he revealed the circumstances of the establishment of the Italian company ENI, the biography of its head E. Matei, the development of Italian-Soviet cooperation in the field of energy trade, with which the current pro-Russian policies of Italy are connected.Victoria Vdovychenko (associate professor at Kyiv University named after B. Grinchenko, lecturer at the University of Bologna) gave a final report on the topic «Strategic priorities of Italy during the chairmanship of Group 7 and the role of Ukraine». In it, Ms. Viktoria analyzed the importance for Ukraine of Italy’s chairmanship of the Group of 7 planned for 2024. In her opinion, the Ukrainian side should definitely use the summit of this group to update important issues, for example, the Russian blockade of the Black Sea (connected to the Mediterranean with grain transport corridors), its ecocide with Russian Federation.In the second part of the seminar, the teachers of the Mariupol State University presented the study guide «The History of the Culture of Italy». The co-author of the guide Ms. Yuliya Sabadash (doctor of cultural studies, head of the department of cultural studies) spoke about Mariupol University, its history and the tragic modernity associated with the Russian occupation. Separately, Ms. Yulia stopped at the Italian studies at the university. In turn, her colleague Associate Professor Yusef Nikolchenko revealed the circumstances of writing the textbook, the difficulties involved, and briefly described each of its seven sections.In the final part of the seminar, well-known Ukrainian historians, teachers and scientists spoke about Italy’s international policy, as well as Italian-Ukrainian political-economic, scientific-educational, humanitarian and cultural relations.

Keywords: speaker, Italian studies, moderator, message, presentation, seminar.


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