European Union – USA: transatlantic agreement free trade and investment: past and present

Andrei Martynov

Sc. D. (History), Professor, senior researcher of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences Institute of History

Yevgen Khan

Ph. D. (History), Senior Lecturer of Department of political history, Kyiv National Economic Vadym Hetman Univeresity

UDС 061.1:73(339.5.012)


The paper deals with relationship between European Union and USA in the context of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. These are the need for the positive dynamic of world economic. The paper analyzes the criticism of this process. The debate itself takes place in the continuum Transatlantic Partnership. The USA president Barack Obama hope managed to define features of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between USA and EU. The author distinguishes social, geo-political and many factors of the analyzed phenomenon of this project.


European Union, USA, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

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