Dmytro Naulko,

Master’s Student,

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine




Abstract. The article examines the complex of Ottoman-Brazilian relations in the period 1858–1919 based on a comprehensive analysis of available published sources and the scientific studies of scientists. The development, dynamics, and evolution of bilateral relations between the Ottoman Empire and Brazil during the above period are examined.

            The major task of this study is to provide an analysis of the  prerequisites, reasons, motivation and main course of countries to establish connection and official diplomatic relations, highlighting the general features and major achievements of the activities of Brazilian diplomatic institutions in the territory of the Ottoman Empire and Ottoman diplomatic institutions in the territory of Brazil.

The methodological basis of the article is the principles of historicism, pluralism, comprehensiveness, integrity and objectivity of knowledge. Methods of analysis and synthesis were also used.

The scientific novelty of the article consists in the fact that for the first time the evolution of relations between the Ottoman Empire and Brazil is highlighted, theoretical assessments of the interests of the Ottoman Empire in Brazil and Brazil in the Ottoman Empire are formulated.

In the conclusions of the work, it is noted that due to various and multiple legal conflicts, misunderstandings and the lack of political will, even taking into account the existence of a bilateral agreement on the establishment of diplomatic relations, the activity of diplomatic institutions was extremely complicated by the above-mentioned facts, which did not contribute to the intensification of bilateral relations and its further development. A theoretical assessment of the interests of the Ottoman Empire in Brazil and Brazil in the Ottoman Empire is formulated. The negative influence of the migration factor on bilateral relations has been revealed.

Key words: diplomatic relations, Ottoman Empire, Brazil, diplomacy, international relations.


Submitted 17.01.2023



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