Legal Aspects of Environmental Safety in Ukraine and Their Provisions in European Integration Framework)

Liliia Timofeieva

Ph.D. (Law), Assistant Professor of Criminal Law Department of the

National University «Odesa Law Academy», Odesa, Ukraine


Abstract. The article deals with the issues of environmental safety and its provision in the context of European integration. It is emphasized that environmental problems do not know borders and are geopolitical in nature.

Failure to comply with environmental safety conditions can have grave consequences, including those that are known to history. Specifically, sustainable development issues related to overcoming the consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The issues of environmental safety, the relationship between the economy, business and the environment, as well as the issue of measures to influence environmental crimes and offenses from various angles have been addressed in the literature. However, the issue of environmental safety in the context of European integration, and in particular in the current conditions of emergency, needs further researching.

It is emphasized that the problem is in particular the interaction of society, the state and human with the environment and ensuring security and harmony in such interaction in the context of European integration.

The purpose of the work is to optimize the legislation in terms of measures to influence offenses against the environment.

A person should take care not only of himself, but also of other people and the environment. It is justified that environmental care should not be guaranteed by the cost of living and human health. Business and financial benefits, power cannot be more important than human life and health, because such activities often lead to environmental pollution.

In today’s context, it is important that human rights do not contradict the idea of social naturalism (O.M. Kostenko). Often, modern human rights violate environmental security. It has been found that it is important to strike a balance between human beings, society, the state and the environment in ensuring human rights.

In addition, it is concluded that a combination of environmental, administrative, criminal and disciplinary responsibility, as well as the application of mediation and other alternative practices aimed at conflict resolve, is important in responding to environmental offenses.

Keywords: environment, European integration processes, safety and human rights, responsibility, European Court of Human Rights practice.

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