Antanta nations’ negotiations with Ukrainian People’s Republic in late 1917 – early 1918

Natalia Horodnya

Sc. D. (History), Associate Professor of Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries historical faculty Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

UDС 94:329.7 (477) “1917/1918”


The paper studies Antanta nations’ negotiations with Ukrainian national government in November 1917 – January 1918, which revealed their interests towards Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR) and their attitude to Ukraine’s statehood. It also draws an analogy between that time developments and 2014-2015 “Ukrainian Crisis”. It argues that allies’ interests to Ukraine were driven exclusively by their military aims – their needs to avoid the Russian front elimination, to help Rumania and to hold the Central Powers’ blockade. However the allies underestimated UPR’s interests, the threat from a new Russian government, and the role of Ukraine in its containment. Finally that caused long-term negative consequences for the Western democracies.


Negotiations, Antanta, Ukrainian People’s Republic, Central Rada.

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